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Our clients have the ability to select the attorney most qualified for their particular matter while, at the same time, having the ability to access the talents and professional knowledge of the entire firm. Click on the area of practice to learn more.

Estate Planning

Joseph L. Najmy heads up Najmy Thompson, P.L.’s estate planning practice area with the assistance of associate Michael J. Smith. The estate planning attorneys at Najmy Thompson, P.L. have backgrounds specifically tailored to assist in the representation of clients in all areas of estate planning, including wills, durable powers of attorney, revocable and irrevocable trusts, charitable remainder trusts, grantor trusts, family limited partnerships, and other estate planning vehicles. Joe Najmy is also a Certified Public Account (CPA), and Michael J. Smith has an LL.M. in Taxation. These backgrounds in tax are crucial when looking at estate planning from a tax perspective in addition to the other estate planning goals of the client, such as spouse or significant other support, inheritance issues, and creditor protection. The estate planning attorneys at Najmy Thompson, P.L. are also well practiced in closely held family businesses and the estate planning vehicles that will best serve the client’s desires in the protection and distribution of these types of family businesses.

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Probate, Trust and Estate Administration

With over 30 years of experience in trust and estate administration, attorney Joseph L. Najmy heads the firm’s Probate, Trust and Estate Administration practice area. Assisted by the firm’s probate paralegals, Joe is able to guide clients through the process of transferring assets, filing probate paperwork with the Court, making sure IRAs and other retirement assets are properly transferred, and answering the multitude of questions that arise as part of this process. When someone passes away, many people wonder, “How do I access my loved one’s bank accounts? How should I pay these bills? What needs to be filed with the Court? What do we need to do to make sure that taxes are paid and other legal formalities are followed?” Joe will guide you through the probate process to ensure a timely and seamless resolution.

He is also experienced with ancillary administration (for clients with assets in multiple states). In addition, if estate taxes are due, Joe, as a Certified Public Accountant, can assist in the preparation of a Form 706 estate tax return or assist your own accountant in doing so.

In addition, Joe works with “of counsel” attorney Harry Haskins and firm litigator, Jason Miller to represent clients in inheritance-related disputes such as Will Contests and Breach of Trust actions.

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Business and Corporation Law

Joseph L. Najmy and Michael J. Smith have extensive experience advising clients of the most appropriate choice of business entity to accomplish a client’s goals, including a corporation, limited liability company, limited partnership, limited liability partnership, or other business structure that would meet the client’s needs.

We provide assistance in creating the proper business entity, restructuring existing business entities, purchasing and selling ongoing businesses, and winding down and termination of existing business entities. In addition, we are also prepared to assist a client with mergers & acquisitions, as the attorneys at Najmy Thompson, P.L. are well practiced in all stages of mergers and acquisitions as counsel for the buyer, seller, or third party lender.

We work with each client to determine the corporate structure and agreements required to achieve the intended results, such as shareholders’ agreements, operating agreements, buy-sell agreements, and other documents governing the management, operation, and transfer issues that are common in business dealings.

In conjunction with our estate planning attorneys, we work closely with our family business clients to meet the intergenerational dynamics of a family business, and we can help to design a succession plan that will pass the control and ownership of the family business to the next generation at the right time and in the most tax-advantaged way possible.

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Taxation Law

The taxation practice area of the Najmy Thompson firm is led by attorney Joseph L. Najmy, who is a certified public accountant, and includes Michael J. Smith, who has earned the Master of Laws in Taxation (LL.M.) degree. From individual, corporate, partnership and LLC income taxation, to estate and gift taxation, the Najmy Thompson team has the knowledge to assist you with tax planning and tax advice. In addition, our lawyers have represented individuals, estates and entities in audits and assisted in negotiating with the IRS in collections cases. Further, we have extensive experience working with nonprofit corporations and dealing with Florida state sales tax questions and issues related to state documentary stamp and intangible taxes. If you have questions about the tax consequences of certain actions, please call on our attorneys for prompt and effective explanations of how tax law applies to your situation.

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Condominium Law

Stephen W. Thompson and Rick Weller head up the condominium association law practice area at Najmy Thompson, P.L. With 47 years of combined experience, they are exceptionally skilled in representation of residential and commercial condominium associations, and are equipped to handle other legal issues that may affect condominium associations. The firm keeps up to date with all of the changes in the law regarding condominium associations and board obligations, as well as other legal issues that may affect the condominium association.

The firm is proficient in providing representation regarding board of director obligations, Declaration interpretation and enforcement issues, covenant amendments, imposition and collection of assessments, board recall issues, fair housing issues, insurance issues, maintenance and repair issues, and all other issues that face condominium associations. We are also equipped to handle, litigation, arbitration, mediation, and other administrative proceedings with the state agencies that regulate condominium association and/or fair housing affairs. The firm is also experienced in the condominium creation and condominium conversion, including all necessary documentary filings with the applicable state agencies.

Meeting day to day association concerns is a vital part of our service to our community association clients. We recognize the need for rapid response to pressing issues that face the community associations on a daily basis.

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Homeowner Association Law

Stephen Thompson and Rick Weller head up the homeowner association law practice at Najmy Thompson, P.L. with 47 years of combined experience, and are exceptionally skilled in representation of residential homeowner associations.

The firm keeps up to date with all of the changes in the law regarding homeowner associations and board obligations, as well as other legal issues that may affect the homeowner association. The firm is proficient in providing representation regarding board of director obligations, Declaration of Restriction interpretation and enforcement issues, covenant amendments, imposition and collection of assessments, board recall issues, fair housing issues, insurance issues, maintenance and repair issues, surface water management issues, and all other issues that face homeowner associations.

We are also equipped to handle litigation, arbitration, mediation, and other administrative proceedings with the state agencies that regulate homeowner association and/or fair housing affairs.

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Planning, Land Use and Zoning

Stephen W. Thompson has extensive experience with real estate development and obtaining developmental approvals and entitlements. He regularly counsels clients in connection with contract evaluation, permitting and zoning issues. Mr. Thompson has extensive experience in guiding developers through the development approval process. Mr. Thompson has developer experience on both the Local and State levels.

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Real Estate Law

Knowledge and experience are essential when conducting real estate transactions. At Najmy Thompson, P.L., our real estate team has the tools necessary to assist our clients through a variety of transactional issues. Commercial and residential acquisitions and dispositions (buyer and seller representation), short sales and related loan negotiations, leases, loans, title insurance, 1031 exchanges, eminent domain, zoning, foreclosures and due diligence investigations name a sample of the work conducted by our real estate attorneys.

We represent individual and institutional clients in all aspects of purchasing, selling, leasing, financing, developing and managing real property. Our team also provides a full range of title insurance services, including title examination, review of covenants, easements and restrictions, and preparing title insurance commitments and final owners, mortgagees and lease hold title insurance policies. The firm is an authorized agent for The Fund, Attorneys’ Title Insurance Fund, Inc.

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Litigation Practice Areas

Civil Litigation

Najmy Thompson, P.L.’s Litigation attorneys are well versed in general civil litigation ready to assist individuals, businesses, non-profits, or other organizations. Litigation is a complex process that demands supportive, knowledgeable and experienced counsel capable of seeing your case through to the end. Our firm has handled numerous cases involving: tort claims, contract claims, consumer actions, mortgage foreclosure defense actions, and Florida unfair and deceptive trade practices claims.

Commercial and Business Litigation

Pending disputes add contingencies and uncertainties your business does not need. Najmy Thompson, P.L. has the personnel necessary to handle your commercial and business litigation needs, affording you options and detailed analyses of your situation alongside supportive and knowledgeable counsel. Our experience includes contract disputes, tort claims, non-compete agreements, trade secret disputes, employer/employee agreement disputes, and breaches of fiduciary duty. Additionally, understanding the financial ramifications of your case requires extensive knowledge and training in both business and taxation—assets Najmy Thompson, P.L. retains via attorneys with Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Master of Laws in Taxation (LL.M.) designations.

Probate Litigation

Najmy Thompson, P.L. is tailored to deal with disputes regarding wills, trusts, and estates. We have an estate planning team that focuses primarily in planning and administering estates, as well as assisting with and drafting last wills and testaments. Joseph L. Najmy works closely with our litigation attorneys to provide a background of experience that encompasses the most complex issues in the field. Our attorneys are prepared to represent clients with disputes over wills due to lack of mental capacity, undue influence from a relationship of trust and confidence, fraud, mistake, forgery, and revocation. In addition, our attorneys are experienced in handling disputes with fiduciaries, beneficiaries, executors, conservators/guardians, trustees, and individuals given power-of-attorney in trust and estate issues. Trust and estate administration contests, accounting objections, petitions to determine heirs and successors to property, fraud, and abuse of privileged relationships or fiduciary duties are all handled with care and discretion. Ensuring your case is in the right hands is essential, because enough has been lost already.

Real Estate Litigation

Disputes in this area are not uncommon, which is why our staff includes professionals well-versed in litigating cases dealing with real property as well. Contract disputes, administrative, governmental and regulatory actions, easement and encroachment disputes, contractor warranty claims, developer and owner disputes, foreclosures, and bankruptcy are all handled by our experienced litigation attorneys.

Construction Litigation

If you are a general contractor, subcontractor, engineer, architect, developer, lender or supplier you understand the importance of mitigating risks and costs. Najmy Thompson, P.L. has attorneys experienced in representing clients in contract disputes, contract drafting, review and administration, CPM disputes, overruns, change order disputes, mechanics liens, bonding and surety disputes, construction claims, and foreclosures with your best interests in mind. Our attorneys are capable of efficiently litigating your case or providing alternative dispute resolution services that preserve your bottom line—giving you options as well as results.

Corporate and Partnership Disputes

There are many stakeholders to an organization, all of which maintain some form of vested interest in the organization’s success. The attorneys at Najmy Thompson understand the correct actions to take in order to preserve our clients’ interests as much as possible. We understand that negotiations are a critical element in attaining a favorable resolution, and strive to maintain a working relationship with third parties that transcend partisanship. The diversity of our clientele acts as a demonstration of our ability to serve a variety of businesses representing numerous industries, company sizes and organizational compositions. Preserve your interests by retaining representation at Najmy Thompson, P.L. as soon as your dispute erupts so we can work with you from start to finish.

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